Allama Iqbal: Familial

  • Sh. Nur Muhammad - Iqbal’s Father
    Date: 1922
    Place: Anarkali, Lahore

  • Sh. Nur Muhammad - Iqbal’s Father
    Date: 1900 Appr.
    Place: Sialkot

  • Sardar Begum - Iqbal’s wife. Mother of Javid Iqbal and Munira Bano.
    Date: 1933

  • Rahma - An other servant from Iqbal’s household.
    Place: Lahore

  • Ala Baksh - Iqbal’s servant who served him for 39 years, till the end of his life. A witness to the daily routines of his life.
    Date: 1960-61
    Place: Lahore

  • M Shafi (Mim Shin)

  • Aftab Iqbal - Iqbal’s elder son in his youth.

  • Iqbal with his son Javid Iqbal - Portrait made at the residence of Mian M Aslam, Havaili Bared Khana on the occasion of Eid.
    Date: Feb 17, 1929
    Place: Lahore

  • Allama Iqbal with his son Javid.
    Date: 1926
    Place: Sialkot

  • Aftab Iqbal

  • Miraj

  • Karim Bibi - First Wife

  • Khalid Nazir

  • Sh Ata - Iqbal's Father in law